Welcome to the Twenty First Century Secondary School Wiki

This is a participatory space for educators to build strategies, structures and resources to facilitate change in the "traditional" school model. Click on the links on the left hand column to view other pages.


The goals for this group are to:
  • develop exemplars of technology integration within and applied to specific department/s
  • to nurture and foster innovation and creativity in teaching and learning
  • to increase student engagement through the use of real world data, tools and involving them in solving meaningful problems with experts
  • to empower students to create curriculum content that can be shared and add value to the world outside of the school

Evidence of outcomes:
  • exemplars will be shared with the sd36 community
  • will provide on going support for innovation and creativity in teaching and learning through discussion groups, technical support, & ProD and resources as required
  • teacher and student reflections and examples of student work evidencing increased engagement with real world 21 Century learning skills
  • records of student created content and how it's shared